In Season Now: Asparagus

Some people get excited for spring because the days get longer. Some look forward to the first crocuses pushing their heads out of the dirt. Then there are those of us who go gaga over spring’s most delicious bounty: Good, fresh asparagus.

There are so many ways to enjoy the seasonal bounty, but this is a favorite: Marinate just long enough to impart flavor, then roll the spears up in slices of capicola with a creamy herb spread with chopped red peppers and chives mixed in. And the component that truly sets the roll-ups off: Shavings of nutty-sweet Roth Grand Cru® Reserve.

Capicola is an Italian cured pork that, like prosciutto, has a slight gamey flavor. One key distinction though is that it’s cured with either black pepper or red pepper, which can give it a slight bite. If you can’t find capicola, prosciutto makes a great substitute.

These roll-ups are a great side dish for a dinner or even a brunch. They also make a terrific appetizer—the asparagus stays tender-crisp when partially peeled and marinated. It’s finger food that’s substantive without being heavy.

Get the recipe here, and learn more about our award-winning Wisconsin original Roth Grand Cru® here.

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