• Joey Winters

    Joey Winters Plant Manger

    “What really drove me to make the decision to come join Emmi Roth was the direction the company is heading, especially with Emmi Operational Excellence. The first 13 years of my 21-year career was with a manufacturing company that had the same philosophy of operational excellence, which they termed as the pursuit of perfection. Being able to come back to a manufacturing principle that I truly believe is how all great companies operate, as well as, working in the same town I live in, has been exciting.”

  • Israel Gonzales

    Israel Gonzales Production Supervisor

    “This isn’t an easy cheese to make–like a Cheddar. Those fresh cheeses are only in a plant for say, 2 to 3 months. Our hard cheeses, like Grand Cru®, have to have the perfect flavor, texture and moisture because here, it ages for 4 to 6 months or even longer. I believe we’re the only ones making this cheese in the U.S. and we’re known for our quality.”

  • Robert Frie

    Robert Frie Plant Manager

    “I’m watching and seeing the seasonal changes in the milk that’s brought to Roth. I watch the weather here, and I know there’s a week long delay between what the cows eat and the flavors we get in the plant. It’s up to me to know all the components, create consistency and combine it all into Roth cheese recipes.”

  • Robert Bobak

    Robert Bobak Production Manager Head Cheesemaker

    “I know only certain local farms produce the right flavors for particular Roth recipes. I’m always amazed at the diversity of flavors we can create. Every day we make five to six different cheeses; they all have different flavors and come from different recipes. And all of it begins with one product—Wisconsin milk.”

  • Marc Druart

    Marc Druart Director of Research and Development

    “Because the U.S. looks for slightly sweeter notes than the Europeans, I bring traditional cheeses and recreate them for American tastes, To me, cheese making is all about that sensory experience, the sight, the texture, the taste. Work is truly my passion. If I’m not making cheese, I’m not happy.”