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Charred Watermelon Cheese Wedges

The best appetizers are the ones that are surprisingly easy and always impress your guests. This new watermelon appetizer is topped with high-quality ingredients so you don’t need to work too hard. High-quality olive oil, salt and award-winning Grand Cru cheese add sophistication.

Grand Cru is an Alpine-style cheese is available in three different ages – Original, Reserve and Surchoix. Each are aged in the Roth cellars in Monroe, Wisconsin for different lengths of time to create three unique cheeses. Grand Cru Original is aged 4+ months, Reserve 6+ months and (World Champion!) Grand Cru Surchoix is aged 9+ months. You can learn more about our original Grand Cru cheese here.

Now back to this amazing recipe. Each age of Grand Cru has an earlthy, nutty, savory taste that perfectly balances the sweet watermelon in this appetizer. The crunch of the almonds and fresh mint add to the flavor combination. We guarantee you’ll impress.