Easy Holiday Cheese Pairings

The holidays are the best time of year to share good drinks and great food with friends and family. The simplest way to impress is to artfully pair cheeses with your favorite wine, beer, and spirits. And though it seems difficult, cheese pairings can be simple and fun if you stick with the basics. The general rule for pairings is to not let either overpower the other. Bold cheeses can match bold drinks and milder cheeses pair well with sweet wines or mellow beer.

Here are some of our favorite easy cheese pairings to impress your guests this holiday season.

Alpine-style cheeses + Riesling
Grand Cru® Reserve washed-rind Alpine-style cheese is complex, yet crowd-pleasing. Careful crafting brings out light floral notes, nutty undertones, a hint of fruitiness and a mellow finish. It pairs perfectly with sweet and dry white wines like Riesling.

Blue Cheese + Gin and Tonic

Spicy Cheeses + Lager

Spicy Cheeses + Bold Hard Cider

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