Introducing Roth Organics

We’ve expanded into the organic market with our new line of Roth® Organic specialty cheese.

Roth® Organic Grand Cru, Roth® Organic Van Gogh® Gouda, Roth® Organic Havarti and Roth® Organic Sharp Cheddar are now available in the specialty cheese case. Each style of Roth Organic cheese is made with milk produced by organic dairy farming practices, resulting in a collection of cheeses that are naturally gluten-free, rBST-free, Non-GMO and vegetarian friendly.

Our flagship cheese, Grand Cru® Original, is available as part of the Roth® Organic line in 18 lb. wheels and 6 oz. retail cuts. This award-winning Alpine-style cheese is made from a combination of the finest organic milk and Swiss traditions, handcrafted in traditional copper vats and aged for a minimum of four months. Roth® Organic Grand Cru® Reserve, aged two to four months longer than the original, is also available. Most recently, Roth® Organic Grand Cru® Reserve took home first place in the Washed Rind Cheese category at the 2017 American Cheese Society competition.

Roth® Organic Van Gogh® Gouda, available in 10 lb. wheels and 8 oz. retail cuts, is a quintessential Dutch cheese with a straw-yellow body, mellow flavor and mild sweetness. Perfect for everyday cooking, this cheese is also great for shredding over stews or making macaroni and cheese.

Roth® Organic Havarti, available in 9 lb. loaves and 8 oz. retail cuts, and Roth® Organic Sharp Cheddar, available in 1 lb. blocks and 8 oz. retail cuts, round out the line. Roth® Organic Havarti is a versatile cheese with a mild and buttery flavor, perfect for cooking and melting, while Roth® Organic Sharp Cheddar is aged for a minimum of six months which gives it a rich and tangy flavor.

The new Roth® Organics collection is currently available at select retailers nationwide.

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